About Me

Here are the basics.

Name- Kevin McCauley

Age- Let’s not go there, I can say, no not 30 something, 40-ish, no I wish. 50, mid life, nope, gone forever. I’ll just say a comfortable 60 something….

Status- Happily married to the girl of my dreams, Debbie for 40 years. 2 beautiful daughters our oldest, Lauren, married to Collin Elliot and kept very busy chasing our 2 ACTIVE grandsons, Brooks, and Keating. Our baby girl, Kristen is planning her wedding to her knight in shining armor, Ryan Ross. Life is great!

Home- Encinitas, Ca. Born and raised in New Jersey. That’s right, Jouisy,

Occupation- General Contractor, a builder of fine homes. Your basic builder guy.

Passions- First and foremost, family, then family followed by, well, family. Wow, being a grandparent is as cool as everyone said it would be and then some. I’m blessed with a truly amazing family, and it’s growing. Nothing is better, each and every day is truly a reward, I’m blessed.

Next up, I’d say sports, yeah above work for sure! I’m a pretty fanatical sports dude, name a sport and I’ve probably played it or am currently still playing it! name one, like curling, yep, love it, ice hockey, yeah the best team spot going, Ok, I’ll rattle off a few in no particular order. Tennis, surfing, paddling anything, outrigger canoe racing, prone paddle boards, stand up boards, skiing, yep big time on the list. Any form of moving over snow on skis, cross country, alpine, tele’s, fatties, snowboard, yes shamefully a little ! More, Ok, hiking, mountain bikes, yeah anything back country, skateboard? Yep still at “my age”! Swimming, archery, crud, corn toss, and I’m up for a rousing game of hide and seek as well. Love wind surfing, but haven’t been in too many years, go cart racing, bring it on!! You get the picture. Oh and bike riding. The sad truth about the above active list is… I’m average at best in all of them, but I’m Ok with that, I like to have fun as you can tell.

My last passion, I’m a crusader and warrior in the quest to find a cure for ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Hopefully that’s why you’re reading this blog, and thanks very much for doing so. Much more on this crusade later.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Kevin, your writing blows me away…. keep it up. I’m looking forward to following you on your journey.
    You guys will do great.
    Pat Davis


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