The Journey / Route Info

Our adventure is a 7 week, 3400 mile bike ride with a total of 5 rest days along the way. We will average 85 miles of riding each day and 500 miles per week.  Our first day, May 7, 2016 starts with the traditional dipping of our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean in Manhattan Beach Ca. and ends with the dipping of our front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean in Revere Beach, Ma.,  near Boston.  Along our route from Los Angeles to Boston, we will travel through and across a total of 15 states.

We will cross the Mojave and Sonora Deserts, climb to the mountains of Northern Arizona at Flagstaff  and cross the Continental Divide in New Mexico.  Following 7 days of cycling thru New Mexico, we will clip the Northwestern corner of Texas, then north thru 72 miles of the panhandle of Oklahoma.  Then we will spend 7 days battling the alleged winds of Kansas, or so I’m told.

Next up will be Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, as I’m sure we’ll be seeing our share of wheat, corn and cattle.  From there we start heading more northerly to the shores of Lake Erie before entering into New York State for 5 days. We will reach our 3000 mile marker in Syracuse N.Y. and I’m sure we’ll be getting anxious to wrap up our final miles. Those will include crossing Vermont, before crossing New Hampshire, and our final 2 days in Massachusetts.  We finish the trek with a short ceremonial 17 mile ride to the shores of the Atlantic at Revere Beach on June 24, 2016

Mac’s Cross Country Ride Schedule