Why I Ride

You’ve noticed by following this blog that I am riding to raise money for Team Godfather Charitable Foundation and medical research to end ALS. Yes, that has been a driving factor for going on 5 years now, but there are other reasons as well.
In addition to this cause, I have another primary focus of my drive… my grandsons Brooks and Keating. I am undertaking this challenge to instill the values of setting goals and following your dreams, hopes, and desires. It’s my hope that they will wake up every day believing they will be a better person than the previous day. I want them to know and understand the values of helping others and of caring. I hope to inspire them to be the heros of their own stories.
In today’s world, our society is in need of people who simply care. The virtues of caring can often be overlooked in our all-too-busy worlds. Why should I care, you might ask yourself? My answer to that question is my mantra. When you care, your dreams can come true.
Thank you again for reading and following this blog. I hope in some small way it’s going to inspire you to reach out and expand your world.