2 thoughts on “Our route map

  1. Kevin, it’s Bryan, Jess’ husband. What do the different pin colors represent? Was thinking we could meet you somewhere along that stretch of the 89 that takes you through Prescott into Flagstaff. How do you have the days broken down; is it a straight shot each day or broken up into sections each day?




    • Cool and thanks for following the blog. The colored pins all represent out stops. A total of 50 stops and we have a very specific itinerary, all set up by the tour company CrossRoads Cycling Adventures. It’s posted on their website also. We ride on Tuesday May 10 from Blyth to Wickenburg 116 miles then Wednesday May 11 to Prescott, 59 miles, then Friday May 13 to Cottonwood, 44 miles. Then Saturday May 14 up to Flagstaff 47 miles. It would be fun to have you join us. WE are in the Springfield Suites in Prescott and Best Western in Cottonwood those 2 nights. Riding starts around 7 each morning I think.


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