The Yellow Brick Road

We were greeted by a technicolor sunrise this morning as we prepared to sadly say goodbye to Oklahoma. Our Oklahoma stay was too short as I really enjoyed the vibe. As we rode today you could feel the calm and easy slower pace and lifestyle. We passed true amber waves of grain blowing gently in out tailwinds. Also evident is the change in humidity. A stark change to the dry, harsh, and rugged mountains and high deserts on NM and Az. Before we crossed the border into Kansas, we stopped in the town of Hooker Oklahoma. Our sag stop was right next to a gift shop selling tee shirts with a variety of Hooker slogans. We rode slowly out of Hooker as today is the shortest distance of the tour, 41 miles. So we also stopped at the Midwest Air Museum when we reached tonight’s destination of Liberal,  Kansas. 

Liberal claims to be the official start of highway 54, the Yellow Brick Road. I’m told some of the filming of the Wizard took place in and around Liberal. Our lunch waitress told us the munchkins used to frequent their restaurant. 

She also filled us in on some details of being dead center in tornado alley. In fact the news right now has an enormous area around us under tornado watch. Also on the alert are high winds flood watches and hail and thunder storms. Never a dull moments. A news story covered a live interview of yesterday’s tornado and in addition to the damage, they showed the wind pressure also ripped the wallpaper off his walls. One tornado was on the ground for 26 miles. Another one was an EF 4 and on the ground for 20 minutes and 1/2 mile wide.  The news is intense as they are everywhere ! 

After a face time call to our family birthday party for Kristen last night, today was my biggest bout of homesickness  That call along with a short easy ride kept me thinking about home and family. 

So speaking of home, awhile back I asked who signed up for our Team Godfather Nine Wine& Dine golf event ?  Who signed up? Who’s playing, text or reply please. Come on ladies get your golf on!  This is another great time, fun TGF event for our humble cause. Smack a golf ball to smack a disease. Play with our team to defeat ALS. Sign up before the holiday weekend at 

Tomorrow we ride 82 miles to Dodge City. 

Photo comments

My hall of fame photo line up on the top tube of my bike. The Godfather, my father, and my whole family. 

Tonight’s hotel window view, I’m seeing America one car wash at time 

Our Crossroads lobby board showing our daily progress, they add a black highlight each day of our journey 

Grain mill in Hooker OK. Debbie and I have driven across the country 5 times and back then the state license plates slogans were ” Oklahoma is OK”. We always kept saying that every time we drove across this state. And it is indeed ! State border  crossing, note the ever present 18 wheel big rig. 

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