Eleventh state line crossing 

Today we embarked on our final push, we have 573 miles to go with 7 more days of riding. It’s hard to imagine that in exactly one week from today this adventure will end.

Good bye Lake Erie and the most sunken vessels per square mile in the world. The waters of the war of 1812 and Admiral Perry. Where he proclaimed those famous words. ” we have met the enemy, and they are ours”. And don’t forget also his command to his sailors ” Don’t give up the ship”. It’s time for us to sail so off we went. 

Today was pretty awesome as we declared it a team Bike 4 Mike day. All the guys who’ve bought the jerseys and kits wore them today. It was a really incredible feeling knowing this all started as an idea close to 6 years ago. Mike would be proud and I felt  him smiling from above on yet another gorgeous day. 

Today’s ride took us along the south shore of Lake Erie for 57 of our 79 miles. That part of the ride was great as we saw a lot of the shoreline, a few marinas, and actually one beach. It looks just like the ocean without the waves and salt. 

Soon after we headed away from the shoreline, the traffic rudeness began  and at one point we got cut off 3 times within about 3 minutes. One brainless driver backed out of her driveway at a snails pace which almost caused a pile up. I waved and said hello to a large man sitting waiting for us with a look of disgust. His window was down allowing his oversized arm to sit motionless as he gave me his best stink eye. So I waved again hoping he’d realize his face reflected his distain for life. So much for trying to get even a lifted one finger howdy. Nothing, just a blank stare, not even a nod. Good bye Mr happy. Then he pulled out behind us a guns the SUV that’s never seen a car wash. Maybe he didn’t like bike riders using his road. 

So back on the home front, today is our Team Godfather Charity woman’s golf tournament. Under that light let’s  talk seriously about our cause and ALS. 

Today is Friday and you’re all jacked up to attack and enjoy your weekend. What are your plans, probably some beach time with the heat wave I’ve heard about. Maybe a little gardening,  wash the car maybe, flip a few burgers on the grill?  What ever your planning think of this, a person with ALS can do none of these. As the disease progresses so do the  day to day functions. Until it’s time for a wheel chair. And from there it continues to spiral downward. I won’t go on and bring you down. But I will ask for your help. 

Please go to the home page of my blog. Please read about why I’m riding and about my story. I put a great deal of time into writing these before I left. I greatly appreciate your reading these heading topics. 

Thank you for following my blog, thank you for reading about why I’m doing this. And thank you for your donation. So many people are donating and it’s greatly appreciated, by myself, by all the volunteers at Team Godfather, and by those battling ALS. All donations go directly to ALS medical research and are tax deductible. Please donate if you can.  Please share my blog with your friends. 

Together we pledge to fight the battle against ALS, and we “don’t plan to give up the ship”.Happy weekend warriors. 

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