Day 47. Herkimer to Albany

We woke to another gorgeous day after a rain fall last night. The temps we’re going to be way lower and very low humidity. So it’s shake and bake Ricky Bobby time ! Except for one thing, I’m not feeling it. First it started with a horrible Denny’s breakfast. But honestly I’m tired. Tired of the hotel regimental routine, both in the early morning getting ready to ride and when we finish.  I’m tired of doing laundry every day in the sink with only 3 laundry days with real washers and dryers. I’m still enjoying the riding but everything else has gotten old. I’m tired of the 2 hours it takes to blog. And I’m tired of being an ALS warrior. Come on Boston lets get this done. 

Just before lift off this am I took a photo of the Herkimer ” diamonds ” display back at the Red Roof Inn.  These aren’t real diamonds but as my fact checkers mentioned help put Herkimer into global limelight. 

We cycled past Fort Klock today speaking of local attractions. The Mohawk Valley was a beautiful ride and a change of topography. We saw distant rolling green hills and pretty farm lands. The roads were excellent as well. Ok with one exception, Schenectady. We have a new leader folks, Syracuse just dropped into second place. 

Prior to reaching the mine fields of Schenectady, we went thru Little Falls. There were saw our first locks. I took a few photos and in one you’ll see an old abandon factory with all the windows broken out. We saw a lot of this as well as many small businesses closed up. We even noticed businesses that look to be up and running but no one around. No cars and or people. It’s kind of strange. Anyway I believe there are around 37 of these Locks, give or take. There are 3 rivers  running thru, the Mohawk, Hudson, and Schoharie. Our bike route kept us fairly parallel to a river and railroad a majority of today’s 80 mile total. 

Tomorrow we skidaddle across our 12th state line as we go over into Vermont. 

See you in Vermont, and go USA men’s team tonight. 


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