And they’re off…

Finally, today we started riding, our group is 21 strong, including 5 lads from across the pond, the U.K. & Scotland, as well as 5 galant ladies.  It s a great group and today’s ride gave us a chance to get our feet wet together. Manhattan Beach to Riverside wasn’t the most scenic, especially for the Brits. They had enough of a challenge riding on the right side of the road. We did finish through a gorgeous section of Riverside, classic old California, orange groves, and beautiful old homes. Tomorrow we start to take on the desert, next stop downtown Indio.  

4 thoughts on “And they’re off…

  1. Congratulations Guys. First day under your belts.Only …. left. Bet it feels great to get this huge ordeal started. Best of luck!!!!!!


  2. Kevin, What an inspiration you are to George and I … Not only the super awesome athletic part of what you’re doing, but also the reason behind it. I’m so looking forward to some beverages with you and your lovely bride when you guys return. Enjoy the experience Kevin… Although I have no doubt you will. Love you, Molly and George


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