The desert 

Yesterday was a magic carpet ride from Riverside to Indio with tailwinds from the powers above. We flew thru 92 miles and counted our blessing for the moderate temps and tailwinds.  Today, well a different story, it got hotter and we fought some headwinds, 3 flat tires in our group, one of them mine. It’s was a 97 mile trudge with almost the entire 8 1/2 hours riding on interstate 10. It was tough day for a small hand handful of guys one ending up in the ER getting pumped back up with an IV and several others gave in to the heat and jumped in the van for a peace out. Most everyone has never seen or experienced a desert let along ride a bike thru one. Of note the woman in the group are all kicking butt, they all came in with backgrounds of pro cycling coaches and a ton of cycling camps under their training belts. These chicks can rock a bike ride for sure. 

Tomorrow will be our longest and most likely most challenging day of the tour, 116 miles with lots of climbing, oh and the forecast calls for temps to go up. 

All of that riding stuff aside, the Brits are hysterical. Here’s 2 of my favorite quotes so far. Riding along side my new favorite BFF, Howard a retired London policeman. He’s a rock climber and is telling me about how cool it is to reach a summit after a climb. He tells it like this” the afterglow is really quite lovely, you simply catch some clean fresh air, and have yourself a cup of tea, and it’s all quite nice actually”. 

Then today we stop for a Sag ( cyclists rest stop from our vans) stop and another Brit, Richard is looking over the PB and J sandwiches. He tells me ” I’ve never really had a PB&J, are they nice ? . I’m dumbfounded naturally and start to give him some jabs saying that everyone’s had a PB & Js. He says ” no truly he never has eaten one but, HAS seen them on the Tele ! 

After being a desert tour guide on the bike, last night I gave the group a short info fact session on interesting info on the Cochella Valley, Palm Springs Etc. Things like the aguafer, earthquake faults, and the Hollywood connections to the desert After telling them that Indio’s claim to fame, after music festivals are Dates. So I surprised them all with 31 Dates shakes  I had delivered to the hotel, and its was a big hit. A fun night for sure 

Having fun with the group and not sure if I’m ready for tomorrow’s trip into the pain cave. At least we’ll cross our first state line, which I am ready for. 


4 thoughts on “The desert 

  1. Kevin,,sounds like you guys are killing it. I’m keeping all your construction buds working in our backyard informed of your journey. They all think your crazy,but have no doubt in your amazing athletic ability. They said he enjoys this. Keep up the great work and keep them all smiling.


  2. Mac – Congrats on your journey! Megan and I will be following every step of the way. We hope you are making it through the desert today. Push the fluids.

    One burning question….. crunchy or creamy??


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