Wickenburg to Prescott

We had a super fun day today. It got warm for awhile, 102 degrees but the ride was awesome, 59 miles with 6300 feet of climbing. Arrived early in Prescott which gave us some nice free time. I’m going to try and post more photos.

The last one is a photo is my new bike, with 4 wheels I should keep the crashes in check. Another is today with out group dressed in desert heat wear. Yesterday’s damage minus the elbow shots 

5 thoughts on “Wickenburg to Prescott

  1. Great job Kev, keep it up!…..the riding not the crashing. Hey, in Flag there is tons of good joints, I used to work at Busters, great bar with great food. Tell the owner John you know me.


  2. Sounds like you guys finally had a calm somewhat uneventful day. Great to hear. Best comment I’ve heard so far about your trip… “After reading your blog about 5 flats ,2 crashes ext,ect, Alynda commented “I thought Kevin knew how to ride a bike”.
    Be safe and enjoy.


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