Mellow Thursday Prescott to Jerome to Cottonwood 

So Prescott is a very cool town with a fun semi Mt vibe. I leaned it’s pronounced Preskitt and only tourist call it Prescott. Our hotel was really nice, maybe the nicest so far. More on tonight’s hotel later ! I had the pleasure of seeing friends ( Jess & Bryan ) who drove up from Phoenix to meet me for dinner. It was nice seeing familiar faces and good to get out and away from my new tribe. 

Today was our shortest day and I’m feeling a little throat tickle so I took it slow and easy, pretty much the slow dog noodle. I took some photos at the 7100 ft elevation sag stop up in the pine trees and cool air. From there it’s a bomber downhill right into Jerome. The day was short so we stopped for our first lunch at the Haunted Hamburger. Kind of cool spot with a distant view over to the red rocks of Sedona and the snow capped peak further in Flagstaff. The temps jacked up again coming down into this old historic mining town. 

Then another bombshell downhiller to Cottonwood, where again the temps rose. Kind of like descending down into a furnace. 

Ok tonight’s hotel : 

So I can’t say I’ve ever been bitten by bedbugs but I’m thinking of sleeping in a couple of Hefty trash bags tonight. I don’t think I’ll Yelp this dump hotel for fear of what I might find. So far every hotel has been really nice, well by my standards anyway, right honey.

Here’s a picture of the view from my room. Yep, I can see right into both bays at Oil Can Henry’s Lube. If anyone’s in the Cottonwood Az. area and wants to know if there’s a wait for an oil change just text me.

Yesterday favorite quote : 

We walk over to a Blimpy sub joint and I order. Standing next to me is Howard who now figures it’s easiest to order by just saying, ” I’ll hove whit eeess havin” so he points at my sub and say yeah same bread cheese Etc. Then asks ” dooes it come with the crips ?”. The semi toothless sandwich maker replies ” What ? “. So I told him yes the special includes potatoe chips.

I’ll post up some photos then I have to flip my mattress. !!! 

One thought on “Mellow Thursday Prescott to Jerome to Cottonwood 

  1. Sorry to hear about all the flats and the “crashes”…. Just know Kevin you are truly an inspiration!!! Here’s to hopeful thoughts of better hotels and less flats and no more injuries.


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