The magic of Sedona

The morning ride leaving Cottonwood behind was nice as we rolled thru some agricultural lands heading towards the distant red rocks. After a nice gentle  climb we started to see the magic unfold. WOW riding right below the red spirals and formations was spectacular. We stopped at a coffee shop in town and took in the views all around, it was really amazing. Next up we started into Oak Creek Canyon and the rocks towered us on each side. It was hard concentrating on the road with the views but the road was tight !  Oak Creek Canyon is beautiful and a really great climb. We climbed up to a sag stop in the pine trees and cool air. After the stop it was roller coaster time all the way into the traffic of Flagstaff. We got here on graduation day at NAU so the towns super busy. The last time I was in Flag was maybe 41 years ago, it’s gown up !  Not the funky old hippie & Navajo outpost I remembered. 

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