Standing on the Corner…

The best part about being there is as you stand there taking it all in, you can hear the Eagles music coming out of the corner store. Winslow Az it’s really very cool. Today’s highlight was the corner. Today’s low light was I took the day off as I’m still fighting the chest cold. I rode the sag wagon but I’m trying to be cautious as there’s plenty of country left to ride. Oh and one more low light, we are in Holbrook Az. You might scratch it off your bucket list of sights to see. Keep on driving if you are near here. Check out the cool painted building behind the statue in the photo. 

5 thoughts on “Standing on the Corner…

  1. We may lose and we may win though we will never be here again…
    Sorry about the chest cold, but take it all in, scrapes & bruises, road construction signs, funky towns, awesome vistas, cold and all. This is it, you’ll never be here again. The kids and I are with you every day, following you on the map, and following all that happens to you. As you can imagine, being the “builder guy” already put you up there pretty high with them, but this tops out. So cool and so inspirational! Thanks for sharing it with us!!


  2. Wow Kev! This blog and your ride is awesome. I just caught up on all your adventures and it’s so amazing. I’m glad you got to see Jess and Bry. Good luck and stay safe! I’ll be thinking of you.


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