Good bye Arizona

No one was happier than me to get out of Dodge, as I didn’t wear Arizona well. I was so looking forward to crossing the state line and putting Az behind. Today’s ride was a 93 mile journey and once again almost entirely on interstate freeway!  We’ve done almost the majority of riding on them and that is supposed to be over tomorrow. 😳

So spirits were high when we reached the border of New Mexico. Although getting there was a slog, the winds were strong and crossed to semi head on. I left the hotel hoping today would be the break away from Mr chest cold. What we saw all morning in the distance was rain in every direction, so we knew we’d be getting wet. No big if it stays warm but little did we know what we were in for ! 

Yep enter another adventure for the books. We have our little state line ceremony of sprinkling pacific beach sand at the border. Then we take some photos and start maybe 1 mile into the Land of Enchantment  when the drops start. The drops quickly turn into a steady rain which turns into torrential downpour.  Then the bottom falls out on the mercury and temps begin to plummet. So now the rain turns to sleet and hail   The freeway shoulder is screaming with flooding waters while the constant stream of 18 wheelers roar within feet of us. That part were now used to but people start getting really cold !!! All while this hail sleet stuff is pelting your kisser. So finally we limp into the New Mexico Welcome Center right off 1-40. The temperature went from 80 to 39 and the wind chill was wicked bad. Fast forward a rescue van ride from our sag vehicles into town for our finish up with heaters wailing and people with the shivering chills.  

The forecast calls for 3 -4 days of rains thunder showers and WINDY ! Welcome to Enchantment Mr McCauley. Maybe Arizona wasn’t that bad after all. 

Now for the quote of the day from our new friends from abroad. I asked what time we’d be meeting somewhere today. The reply “round hauulf ten”. So I reply what’s that at 5 or 10:30 !  Gotta love these Brits. Another day for the books. Cheerio

Photo notes. Since when do Tepees  have windows, doors and security bars ?  No I didn’t buy any of the cactus candy or jelly ! 

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