Get your kicks on Route 66

Before I fill you in on today’s antics, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has donated. Your donations, big and small all mean a great deal to me as well as everyone at Team Godfather Charitable Foundation. 

And speaking of our foundation are you going to the Team Godfather – Nine Wine and Dine golf event?  We have a special group of ladies who work their tails off to put this on. And can they throw a fun event. Please if you are  in San Diego and want to sign up, go to our website. This is as really fun woman’s golf outing with a dinner to follow. Guys, join your wives and girlfriends for a really fun party. Thanks. And thanks for helping make a difference to the world of ALS. Together with golf clubs in hand you can help fund ALS medical research. 

Ok so today’s ride was a little like Custers last stand. The Navajo & Suni Indian gods did their best to blow us back to Arizona. Oh did I mention cold, it’s May isn’t it ? Wow a full day of cold headwinds sure lengthened our ” easy” 65 mile day. We kept our pace line tight and pulls at the front short, but it was a hard battle. One of our riders, Chuck is back doing this tour for his third time. He says today’s ride was his hardest, mile for mile that he’s done ! It wasn’t THAT bad but it was tough. A DQ stop with 6 miles left helped jolt a sugar rush into Grants NM. Say goodnight Gallup and hello Grants. Highlights of the day included WIDE open spaces, a wild pack of dogs road side and some beautiful scenery. We’ve passed the Petrofied Forest and Painted Rock Sate parks but no time to sight see on this cattle drive. We crossed the Continetal Divide which wasn’t much of an event honestly. 

Another amazing thing around these parts are the freight trains ! Like a steady stream of them constantly. Some of them I swear are a full mile long with 5 locomotives. It’s incredible. I took a photo from tonight’s room and you will see it includes one such train. Oh and tonight’s room feature, not an oil change business, nope tonight’s is a car wash ! 

So, if you ever want to motor west, take the highway that’s the best and get your kicks on Route 66. Or something like that. 

I can’t seem to post my pictures in any logical order nor add comments. It’s an age challenge thing I guess. But enjoy the ride 

2 thoughts on “Get your kicks on Route 66

  1. Kevin, Your comments, history, and humor have been excellent. Keep it up.You guys seem to have settled into a good rhythm . Hope it continues. Some of your earlier blogs had us scared!! Even though you did an excellent job building Matts and My houses, I think your real calling was in journalism.


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