Once upon a time…

Today was a fairy tale, straight out of a story book. The type of day that Humpty Dumpty couldn’t have fallen off the wall if he tried. In fact Cinderella couldn’t have lost her slipper today. It was Kansas on her best behavior. 86 miles under perfect sunny sky’s, moderate temps and a tail wind again. Our weather luck is unprecedented. We’re now in Great Bend which I’m not sure why they say it’s so great. I asked a waitress what GB is known for or famous for or even interesting history. She was speechless and had nothing, seriously. 

We are still loving the people and friendliness of the mid west. People are so genuine and super nice. The wheat fields are green and the apple pie is warm and fresh out of the oven. 

One thing people don’t do here, is drive a foreign car or truck. I’d say almost 99 % of the cars and trucks are all made in the good old USA. In fact we’ve ridden past 2 junk yards and I couldn’t see ONE foreign car or truck. Not a single one. It’s really refreshing. I have to say the mid west is really awesome. Rolling through small towns people wave and wait a long time at stop signs and driveways for us to roll through. We haven’t ever had anyone hurry to pull out in front of us. Also a huge majority of drivers will switch lanes or cross the yellow line to give us room . It’s refreshing and appreciated. The best drivers are the pros, the big rig long haulers and local semi truck drivers. They haul ass ! But will almost always switch lanes for us. The worst, that’s a hands down, the fat daddy big RV dudes. Especially the big coach diesel pushers  and almost all of them tow cars. Your know the type, big ego to match the big coach, he won’t move over an inch. His bored wife talking to the twin Pomeranians laying in the cushy doggie bed on the over sized dash. 

Speaking of awesome. The tour company we are with, Cross Roads Cycling Adventures is incredible. The owner, Tracey Liener is along on every tour ( for 22 years ) and she is so awesome. The attention to every single detail is beyond belief. The entire staff is fantastic and always super enthusiastic. They are on top of EVERYTHING and it’s so impressive day after day. I can’t tell you how fantastic they are making this adventure. Thanks Tracey, I tell her every single day that she’s the best of the best. 

So today we roll out and it’s slightly crisp. Here’s a typical roll out and day. The group leaves and some times rolls along slowly two by two if the road allows. It’s fun, fresh and everyone’s ready to warm up for a good days ride. The group is full of chatter usually to the person  riding next to you. Then ever so slowly the pace starts to pick up. The it ramps again and people start thinking about the job at hand, especially on rides of 80 miles or more. Then it happens, the group splinters as the top boys move off the front, then the next wave. That’s the time you see what should be the groups for that day. Hammer up front with the boys, play conservative and mid range or wallow in between ?  It’s a fun transition and on long days or bad weather days it’s all about getting to the hotel with enough time to relax, do your chores and then make the 5:30 ” route rap ” meeting, then dinner. Along the way your analysising how your butt is holding up !! It’s really all about the butt !! 

Road kill update list. Here’s a current list, squirrels, hawks and various birds, deer, dogs, cats, various snakes, fox, coyotes, baby calves, yep , and my favorite armadillos. You have to watch for them as they’re dangerous speed bumps. We’ve seen lawn furniture, bikes, pretty much everything except barbecues and kitchen sinks ! 

Tonight I surprised everyone with an American flag to fly on their flag poles. No one likes these flags and poles but they do add to our safety. I’m the bad boy bandit of the group as I had mine cut down lower when it was in a bike shop back in Precott. But to make up for that I’m flashing 3 bright tail lights. The  American flags will be a nice touch especially on this Memorial weekend. 

That’s a wrap today and stay classy San Diego   

2 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Enjoying your blog so very much. I’m an XC15 alum and I could smell the Dalhart atmosphere from your description. Something like that doesn’t leave you. You’ve had some trials we didn’t but it also seems like the CrossRoads weather gods are doing right by you…for the most part. Need to expect a few days of weather wrath for balance. Don’t forget to stop for pie! Send my love to Tracy, Jan, looks like Tom is there again too. If I forget Robin, Rick, or Larry, I’d be remiss. Travel safely, continued success on your fundraising, and know I’ll be following with all smiles.


    • Thanks very much Jim and yes I will send your love to Tracey and the staff. They are, as you know just amazing everyday. Thanks for following and thank you so much for your donation. We just beat a thunder storm into the hotel today. Cheers. Kevin


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