There’s no fear in McPherson

I asked the convince store clerk what’s interesting or noteworthy about McPherson when we arrived today. Her reply, ” well there’s no fear in McPherson” apparently it’s pronounced Fer- son not Fear-son     Ok duly noted, thank you. She laughed and said the best thing is we don’t live in fear here. Nice gal and fun conversation. 

Yesterday at another convenience store in a tiny town of 300, I was behind a big burly farm hand guy and his son. The clerk asks if he wants anything else before ringing up his total. ” no mame I reckon just the two suckers” referring to the 2 lollipops his son had. Cute and fun to hear the accents. Kansas is a hoot and so fun. 

Another cool thing is seeing in the wheat, corn and alfalfa fields the gigantic farming equipment. Also the many farm equipment sales yards. Some of these pieces are monsters. Every other truck is pulling a trailer of some sort. Pulling horses galore and cows, Hogs, and all kinds of farm equipment. 

Today we pulled  out of the hotel under a warm light rain. But the entire group was flying their new American flags and it was really inspiring. Everyone really liked the idea and it’s a nice addition to our traveling circus. I took a rolling video behind 3 of the ladies as you’ll see. It’s quite tricky riding and filming especially with my new 180 degree maneuver. Enjoy the clip 

​Today wasn’t the flat like a bowling alley terrain as we had some welcome mini rollers. Tomorrow we ride to Abilene then the next day is our first rest in 9 days. 

Today we got into a dead breakaway full on race and it was pretty epic. I went off the front with the big boys, Howard and Chuck and held on until they dusted me with 4 miles left. It was a classic run I’ll never forget. 

I finally got my first real cup of GOOD coffee since leaving my house Saturday May 7. The hotel coffee just isn’t cutting it in the morning. Finally we made a coffee shop stop when we got here to Mcfffuyurson. Another thing missing is alcohol. I’ve told the group I feel  like I’m on some modified alcoholic anonymous tour. Man barely even a beer and the few times I’ve tasted the sweet hops I can hardly finish one tasty brew. It’s like this tour is sponsored by the Betty Ford Clinic.  I’m getting pickled tomorrow night on the eve of rest day. 🍻😳

Enjoy your holiday and God Bless America. 

4 thoughts on “There’s no fear in McPherson

  1. Your comments are so entertaining to all us folks back in S.D. Can’t believe you guys had the energy to stage a mini race.How fun. Only You Kev. Enjoy your Day off. Hope you and Jim get really “PICKLED”
    tonight. Do you get to sleep in tomorrow. HA HA


  2. I love your recaps–funny as heck sometimes! Great pics also! Glad all is well. (& note–I would hate to have those flagpoles also! But at least you made them have a patriotic purpose!). Enjoy that beer–I’d be going nuts without the occasional refreshment…


  3. Kevin, I just caught up on your posts. Amazing stories and pics. Pat and I did a LONG (1 hr) mt. bike ride @ Caleveras and I was telling him to biff off his bike in honor of your riding……he declined. Boy, you attract all those crazy things to your bike (screw in the rim?)…..remembering the wood in your leg…..
    Have a safe 1/2 half of your journey and thanks for the pics, videos and posts…I’m certainly enjoying America thru you.


  4. Abilene is a great rest day town. Hope you get out to the farm restaurant where Dwight & the Mrs used to dine. See if you can find their initials written under the seats they used. Enjoy the beer. You’ve earned it!


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