Lets get out of Kansas already. 

After our rest day we all showed up wearing fresh legs. So we leave in a big pack and draft behind a giant front end loader driving down Main Street Abilene. Then we spend the rest of the 106 mile day on the most gorgeous country roads. It was spectacular, except for about a 3 or 4 mile stretch where the asphalt was ground and under under repairs. It was like riding cobbles- horrible but we got through it. The road surface then was perfect silky asphalt. We came across roaming coyotes, grazing buffalo, giant hawks and a random donkey or two. 

So we reached our official 1/2 way and took some pictures. The highlight of the day was a stop at a country general store that features amazing pies. In fact the pie maker gal was voted best pie maker in America by Good Morning America. Inside we meet about 8 sweet old grandma ladies who all meet once a month there to play dominos. They were so cute and friendly. 

The only problem today was I had to ride the final 45 miles without being able to clip in my left cleat. My cleats worn out and I need to replace them. Fortunately Richard is traveling with spare Shimano cleats which I’ll borrow until I can buy new ones. 

We just passed the $10,000 mark in donations. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated a huge special thank you to Bob & Bonnie Seimer, thank you very much you are so kind. 

Please also if you would share the blog and tag your friends. It will be greatly appreciated. 

Tomorrow we say adios to Kansas and cross the border into Misouri. 

Tonight we had a hotel reservation mix up so we got shuttled to Lawrence, the home of KU. It’s late so I’m going to scoot like a Jaybird. 

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