Hot and Sticky

Take care Indy we have famous places to go to. Like Richmond our next stop. Famous? You bet like the Lawn Mower Manufacturing Capital of the US, that’s a fact. And the National Road Us 40, is now Main St. Also nearby New Castle which we biked though is the home of the high school basketball hall of fame. I know this is compelling. How about this one, it also is the home of the largest high school gymnasium in the country and it seats 9,000. 

So I researched the term Hoosier and its origins aren’t exactly very definitive. But in 1830 John Finley of Richmond wrote a poem, ” The Hoosier’s Nest”.  He wrote Hoosier as Hoosher. Yet a few days later on January 8,1833 at the Jackson Day dinner John W Davis offered the Hoosher State of Indiana as a toast. Following that former Indiana governor James B Ray announced he intended to publish a newspaper, The Hoosier. Although the exact history is debated it goes down with the Buckeyes of Ohio , the Suckers of Illinois and the Tarheels of North Carolina. 

Lastly Orville and Wilbur Wright grew up here and started a bike shop. It was their knowledge of bicycles that helped lead them into the cross over into aviation. 

Today we entered into our first Amish communities. I took a discrete photo of a horse drawn buggy but I’m told they do not like their pictures taken. I didn’t stop but saw a buggy stopped at a lumber yard. The horse was tied to a long hitching post, that was so cool to see. Sorry I didn’t turn around and go back for that photo. Tomorrow we are told the roads will be busy with buggies as the Amish families go to church. 

We rode a really good rate today as we wanted to beat the heat. It was 72 miles but hot and sticky. When we got to our hotel I felt  like a Cinnabon coming out of the oven, hot, sticky but not very fresh. Tomorrow we have 104 miles followed by 97, 93, then 89 OUCH !!!!! Please let the heat die as we will be hurting big if it doesn’t. 

Tonight’s route rap meeting featured everyone in an Elvis wig and glasses to goof on Howard. Apparently he was doing a classic climb in the Alps when someone dressed as Elvis passed him. As he told the story it was classic funny so Mary Bagel ( owner of GeorgeTown Bagelry ) ordered the wigs. 

In the photos you’ll see I’ve provided a spread sheet showing our donations to date. Thank you again to everyone who has donated. We just passed $15,000 and hope to raise $25,000 in less than two weeks remaining. Sorry I couldn’t do a spreadsheet or pie graph but the flowchart will bring you up to date. 

Cheers and remember to keep rolling along. šŸš“šŸ»

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