Buckeye Nation 

Rural, quiet, and peaceful roads greeted us at the Ohio state line and brought us to Maryville. We had a super pleasant Sunday ride and again near perfect weather. Sure it was humid but nothing like yesterday’s heat and steam. I noticed something I hadn’t  seen since I a youngster. I saw a good number of homes with the kids bikes just laying outside on the lawns and or leaning against trees Etc. It was nice to see and brought back memories of my childhood, Eeeeauwwwkeeee , quiet towns and no crime. 

What else did we see, corn and more corn.  I followed an Amish horse drawn buggy into the town  of Covington. I took a cool video as we glided along behind the speedy buggy driver. It was a very cool experience as we followed him for a good number of miles. Seeing the Amish in their world is a very nice experience. 

Our sag stop was at the Covington Police Dept where I met a really nice policeman. He told me the town population is 2600 and he pretty much knows every one of the 2600 residents. Covington is the home of the Flutophone. But you probably already knew that. 

We hit another road detour again but it was a short easy forge to cross. No harm, no foul and it beat adding another 50 miles to our ride. 

So where does the term Buckeye come from you ask. Local Ohio Indians referred to the nuts of the Buckeye tree as Hetuck or nuts shaped like a bucks eye. The Buckeye tree is the official tree of Ohio. It’s believed these trees are only indigenous to Ohio but that’s false. Go ahead and fact check me on it. 

We are spending  the night in Maryville where Honda and Scotts have their largest manufacturing plants nation wide. It’s a really nice town with nice folks. Like most middle American towns we see a pattern. A nice historic old town with aging buildings often many vacancies but very cool towns with historic ties in every building. I really love seeing all the architecture of the homes and businesses. Then most sizable towns then have a newer areas where you can find every fast food chain and cheaper hotels and gas stations. Those parts aren’t very nice at all. Most are located close to newer highways and are pretty tacky. Almost every hotel we stay in is located in these parts of towns. 

Photos in no order 

Ohio state line sign 

Officer Mullins of the Covington PD 

My bike with a mid day heat relieve and a welcome Starbucks Frappe with 1/2 mile remaining in today’s 105 mile ride 

Road closed crossing 

Old gas pumps 

Good night and ride free my friends  

One thought on “Buckeye Nation 

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit I had no idea Covington was the home of the flutophone. What was I doing when they taught this in 4th grade geography class.? You crack me up Ken! 💕 Stay safe! xo


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