Cowboys Indians and hipsters 

Man I’ll tell you we’ve seen them all and then some. Yesterday we left Albuquerque and climbed  up to Santa Fe. Today has been our second rest day so we got to explore  Santa Fe. Looking back I’d say Albuquerque didn’t leave a lasting impression. It’s the type of place where you might see the one last remaining Cask & Clever barley hanging on and showing decades of disrepair. Flash back, thanks A town but I’m not impressed.

Old Santa Fe is really cool with the historic plaza, shops galore, a railway district and cool street shows. We got to do some basic tourist stuff as well as bike shops visits for more continual necessities ( more spending) I needed new gloves and arm coolers as mine got shredded back on my day of disaster ( multiple crash day ! )

Yesterday While riding we ran into a really cool guy who I befriended at a gas station water stop. Then he shows up again stopping at our nest sag stop. His BMW motorcycle was like no other. He’s ridden it in every single Euro country except Ireland as well as to Prudoe Bay, the northern most Alaska shoreline to the tip of Chile. Here’s a good one, one day he and his buddies left Albuquerque and drove to have a midnight hot dog at Pinks in Hollywood. He’s ridden a PR distance of 1300 miles in one  day. Cool and really friendly in fact he asked me 2x if I wanted to take his bike for a spin. I didn’t want to in bike cleats and shoes but Howard did ! 

Another interesting  couple I chatted up with back a few days ago. They were biking, self supported which means carrying ALL their own gear, tents food, water Etc. They were headed up to the Canadian border on this trip. Previously they’d ridden from Alaska to Aragentina.  Very friendly Kiwis and told me the Mt biking there is the best ( Pat Davis ) and the people are the friendliest.

Yesterday we stopped at  Madrid a little old mining town now turned into a hipster, artist, drunkster hovel. We ate in the Mineshaft bar and Cafe and the people watching was classic. Our waiters tee shirt said ” Madrid doesn’t have a town drunk, we all take turns” ! 

So we leave the memories of Madrid NM behind to finish. Our final 30 miles. There are some great decents then rollers  and flats so I pull out in front of our group. As I approach Santa Fe solo I start getting pasted by Sherriff after Sherrif for quite awhile then a big bunch of them and then a motorcade of big Power SUVs. So then I’m being passed by Bernie Sanders and his rolling circus. They didn’t toot their horns as if they’re in some big hurry. 

Today will be my first attempt to post videos. I hope it works if so, enjoy the street scene of Santa Fe 

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