Sunday – Funday

How great was today’s ride ? Well, what’s your favorite desert? No not that one, your top of the list as if no scales matter. Yeah that one, sweet decadence and beyond. That was today’s 76 miles of rolling, put the pedal down TT ( time trial ) fun. We climbed 4400 feet and stayed right around 5,000 – 7,500 feet in beautiful mountains until we descended down to the hot desert again. The quite country roads were spectacular and we all got into the hotel early.  Well after one stop at the oldest DQ on the planet. Ok so there was one snag. Three of us made a wrong turn and the had to ride THE WRONG WAY on and interstate ! Wow talk about feeling like you might be the bug on the windshield!  It was a short 3/4 of a mile but wow – gnarly. The entire ride was epic in all ways. 

Another highlight today, we topped out at the tours highest elevation at Glorieta Pass NM at 7570′. Along the way we stopped at a small store with the worlds most amazing mini donuts. Kind of like donut holes but light and airy. In fact they were kind of like a mix of air and sugar. Your could eat a dozen without your dentures in, true mouth watering wonder balls. So if you’re ever driving thru Whereverthatwas New Mexico put on the blinker, pump the brakes and prepare for a sugar treat extravaganza. Who cares if Speedo season starts next weekend anyway. 

Health report update.  Yep the chest demon is still camped out and hanging tight. I can’t shake this beast. At the top of every climb it’s a complete lung eruption. At each short rest stop the ground around where I’m standing straddling my bike qualifies for a Hazmat clean up. While riding I will say it’s good for some classic nose rockets. Sorry. We’ve reached our destination for the night now in Las Vegas New Mexico. Not to be confused with the other Las Vegas. The two are similar in spelling only, trust me. Las Vegas Nevada has the Luxor, this one has an old ranch with a windmill. For my young followers of geography, Brooks, Keating, Jim, and Abbey have your dads show you the two different states with a Las Vegas. Thanks Collin and Mike. Las Vegas Nevada is the “City that never sleeps”. This Las Vegas is the ” City that never woke up “. 

Today we celebrate being on the road for 2 weeks exactly. Tomorrow we cross our 1,000 mile mark but it’ll be a dandy. We have 108 miles tomorrow in the New Mexico deserts followed by a 96 miler the next day. We don’t have another rest day now for 9 days, so my posts may linger. 

Last night we had some fun at dinner with the Brits. Ricard asked me to explain American Baseball while a game was being shown on TV. It was quite hysterical. After some distant comparisons to cricket, I think  they all got the idea. 

What we Americans learned was great. Did you know the hood of a car is a bonnet? And going to the bathroom, yeah we’ve all heard ” the Loo” but also called the “Buff” or the best one, ” I’m going to spend a penny ” !  Who would have known.

Lastly while riding side by side with Howard as we talked about this country he asked me. ” do you often wake up and realize how lucky you are to live in such a wonderful country ? “. What a wonderful thought to wrap up today’s post. Yes it makes you realize where we live and what we have here in America when seen by a foreign visitor. Thanks  for asking old chap. We truly are lucky. 

One thought on “Sunday – Funday

  1. Kevin, T & I have really been enjoying your blog! As you know, I miss a lot of the former physical things I could do, but am very blessed to be given extra time to see our youngest daughter get married, and now have a healthy 15 month old!, who with her parents are visiting here now. They say, “Grandkids keep you younger, but I think they might make you older”! But, I wouldn’t trade it! Stay safe! All my ( our) best! Tom Sundeen


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