Lucy in the sky

Although know for extraterrestrial sightings, I can’t say New Mexico has delivered those goods yet. But talk about wide open spaces. Hey that’s a Dixie Chicks song title. No space ship sightings but incredibly vast, open and beautiful. As we rolled out of Las Vegas headed through the plains and mountains I couldn’t help but feel like a pony express rider. My photos or descriptions can’t do justice to the feelings you experience riding along on your iron horse. We had some favorable winds to strong cross winds which helped our 110 mile ride somewhat. Some guys had the temps up at 98 degrees and bone dry. We climbed 4,000 feet but all in all its was a fairly quick easy day considering. It’s incredible how stunning scenery can help melt 110 miles. We probably saw 30 cars all day. 

One highlight stop (photo) was an old closed up gas station used as a set for the movie, No Country for Old Men. We had a scheduled sag stop there as our tour group owner Tracey knows the property owner. That was the location also of our 1000 mile photo 

So I’m becoming interested in asking more about the local history of towns we stay in. So lets go back to Las Vegas NM did you know this town harbored more disreputable gang of desperadoes and outlaws than other famous bad ass outlaw towns like Dodge City. Get this list of bad boys who lived or traveled thru. Seriously not made up Doc Holiday, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Cock Eyed Frank, Rattlesnake Sam, Webbed Fingered Billy, Big Nose Kate, Handsome Harry the Dancehall Rustler, Studdering Tom, Durango Kid, and Hook Nose Jim. Honest look it up, I did. Most of these towns started because of the Santa Fe railroad. Google Doc Holidays gunfight in the street. And when an angry lynch mop formed they chased him back to Dodge City only to find that he’d gone on to  Tombstone Az. So there’s you history lesson kids. The true wild Wild West. Today’s it’s mostly Comache Indians and Cowboys round these parts but it’s rough and tumble.

Tonight we are in Tucumcari so I asked out waitress what place Tucumcari held in history or interest. She told us that a guy named Tucum and a girl named Cari were forbidden to see each other. So they went on top of Tucumcari Mt and built a house to live in. We are sure the sweet cute girl with over done eye make up feed us a load of goods. We googled it at dinner and found its a  derivative of a Comanch Indian word. Long history lesson over, class dismissed. 

Tomorrow we cross  into Texas and enter the central time zone. It’ll be a 96 mile ride but only 2400 ft of climbing. My tender bottom is a little sore after today but I’m hoping I hold strong. Today left me  feeling again so very privileged to be on this amazing journey.

We crossed our 1/3 mileage mark today. Please help us reach our 1/3 goal of fund raising. Your donations really help motivate us to keep this train rolling. Thanks very much. 

Oh hang on, the local news just flashed an alert. 2 towns east of us right now. Tornado warning for 7 miles east of the town of Clarendon in the air. And one very large one on the ground and not moving for 25 minutes near another town. Both east of us so no worries but I think  I might sleep with my helmet on tonight 

Wow another update alert the big one just turned northwest ! and they are telling the residents of a town called Turkey ( yep honest ) they are saying they have 5 minutes to seek shelter. It’s an EF 1 or 2. Holy crow. 

Update, the Turkey tornado warning was just lifted. Man these weather people are accurate with really detailed info on locations and strengths. In fact they reported 25 storm chasers in that area. So interesting compared to San Diego’s weather alert warnings of light to moderate sprinkles  

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